Our People

People are the cornerstone of our success at SUMED.

Our employees share a common goal and vision. They have a strong desire to work at the leading edge of their fields to pursue excellence in everything they do. Enthusiasm, loyalty and team spirit are shared by employees in all our departments.

Our work begins with us - our aspiration is to be what we deliver. So we challenge, encourage and stretch ourselves continuously to improve performance.

Our people are diverse in their backgrounds, education and life experience yet united by a shared passion, dedication and commitment.

Our teams of skilled engineers and technicians out in the field are ably supported by the teams in the office coming together in a mosaic of talent and creativity.

Our management staff consists of outstanding executives with excellent senior leadership skills. They are highly knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise to exceed our clients’ expectations.

With a belief in lifelong learning and development - we strive to keep raising standards and deepen our understanding of ourselves and each other .

We are investing in three key elements that enhance what is important to our clients and our people:

Inclusiveness – Recruiting outstanding people is just the start. Inclusiveness means making sure all our people’s efforts are valued. This not only helps attract and retain the best people, but also it helps get better performance for our clients and our organization.

Development – Our approach to development involves offering the learning, experiences and coaching all our people need to enrich their careers and deliver the best results.

Engagement – We want all our people to feel enthused by their work and their colleagues and to be comfortable in an organization that gives them the flexibility to achieve their professional and personal aspirations. We engage our people in countless ways, from selecting the right people to lead major change, to taking an interest in our people as individuals, to being sure to say thank you for a job well done.


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