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Ensuring Safety and Occupational Health is a main concern and a priority according to the policies adopted by SUMED. The working environment is secured in a manner that prevents accidents, injuries and occupational illness. It enforces a number of rules and regulations which aim at eliminating such risks, providing protection to staff against accidents and keeping the properties harmless, protected from damage or loss. Safety and occupational health systems constitute an essential part of the work culture at SUMED.
Adherence to the rules, regulations and environment protection laws together with the relevant national and international codes is included in the safety and occupational health policy which covers all the aspects of the company operations.
The Environment Protection is a main objective of SUMED to be maintained when setting the operational and capital plans. The company considers the environmental aspects in planning and control operations at the levels of projects and programs. Furthermore, deepening the feeling of responsibility for the environment protection among employees is firmly observed.

Lost Time Injury Frequency for One Million Working Hour for the Year 2016 equals (0.176). It is less than the Industry Average of OGP equal to (0.48).
OGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers) issues an Annual Report in the Oil and Gas Industry with regard to the Safety and Occupational Health.

Non-Injury Total Recordable Incidents Rate (Planned) : 1.975
*Industrial Practice Incident Rate planned by Sumed (and not OGP)
Fatal accident rate % = no. of injuries that led to fatalities / working hrs

In order to maintain the Hi-level of the safety and occupational health system without the occurrence of any injuries or accidents , audit plans are carried out, internally by well chosen teams of employees, and externally by expert offices such as Lloyds , British Petroleum and Kochind Company.

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