SUMED's look ahead

  • TPC is undertaking the development, construction and operation of a new facility for the production of various olefins and polymers to be located at the AinSukhna Industrial Zone, the Project will require approximately three million five hundred thousand Metric Tons (3,500,000 MT) of Naphtha per year.

    TPC wishes to use SUMED’s facilities for receiving and storing the Naphtha feed stock required for the Project.  SUMED will make available to TPC a dedicated storage tank(s) at AinSukhna with a designed capacity of 120,000 Cu.m for the storage of Naphtha.

    TPC requested to initiate a MOU for Butadiene and Benzene handling similar to Naphtha.



    • New investment opportunity.
    • Catering on Egyptian growing domestic demand.
    • Serving regional needs ( e.g. Jordan, Sudan, East Africa ).
    • Potential sales in central Europe.


    Berth for Very Large Gas Carrier up to 44,000 DWT.

    15 m water depth at berth.

    Unloading at 3,000 m³ / hr max.

    Import of up to 1.9 MTA.



    Three refrigerated tanks 50,000 m³ each.

    Pumps for recirculation / export.

    Atmospheric Refrigerated / ambient pressurized loading / export.

    BOG / Flash recovery systems.

    Flare for pressure relief.


  • The Suez Canal is the busiest shipping canal in the world, reported to represent around 7-8% of world shipping traffic. Canal transits increased steadily reaching nearly 60 transits per day. Bunker fuel sales in Egypt have fallen steadily from a peak of 2.7 million tones in 2003/4 to about 0.8 million tones in 2007/8 before falling sharply to a reported 0.1 million tones. It is expected that bunker sales will recover to the 2007/8 level although EGPC continues to divert fuel oil production to the inland market to meet demand from power stations. The proportion of south of Suez bunker fuel sales has varied from year to year but is generally around 80-85% of total country sales. SUMED has a unique advantage in that vessels can load bunker fuel whilst waiting to join a Suez Canal convoy with no time lost. The main advantage of vessels bunkering at either end of the Suez Canal is that the waiting time for the convoy can be utilized to take on bunkers and thus avoiding a potentially time consuming detour later in the voyage.



    Bunker Berths:

    • Phase 1 , two berths.

    • Bunker barges 500 up to 15,000 dwt.

  • Crude and Products Handling, Storage & Transfer:

    Soukhna Refinery And Petrochemicals Co. ,(SRPC) is an Egyptian equity joint venture company duly established and validly existing pursuant to the laws of Egypt.

    SUMED to make available to SRPC a tankage capacity of 6 dedicated storage tanks with a working capacity of 700,000 bbls each with a total capacity of 4.2 million barrels.

    SUMED to make available to SRPC a total products storage capacity of 500,000 cu.m. as below :
    • NAPHTHA: 3 TANKS 80,000 cu.m.
    • JET: 2 TANKS 60,000 cu.m.
    • DIESEL: 4 TANKS 120,000 cu.m.
    • LSFO: 6 TANKS 240,000 cu.m.
    • GASOLINE (92): 1 TANK 20,000 cu.m.
    • GASOLINE (95): 2 TANKS 60,000 cu.m.
    • BITUMEN: 2 TANKS 40,000 cu.m.




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