SUMED Services

Any Shipper discharging a VLCC or ULCC cargo at Ain Sukhna terminal can reload his crude from Sidi Kerir in types and quantities as required by his refinery or customers and thus saves the cost of lightering.

SUMED is an international crude oil hub with storage capacity at Sidi kreir terminal of 20.7 mn.bbls and at Ain Sukhna terminal of  18.5  mn.bbls, reaching a total storage capacity of 39.2 mn.bbls .

This service enables customers to discharge Med. / Russian /Caspian crude(s) at Sidi Kerir for storage, trading or accumulating VLCCs or supplying Midor refinery resulting in a wide variety of crude grades (Arab Gulf sour crudes and Mediterranean sweet crudes) that can be stored in Sidi Kerir tanks.

a) Discharge crude from A.Gulf/Red Sea at Ain Sukhna for storage, trading or accumulating VLCCs.
b) Discharge crude coming via Suez Canal from Med./Caspian/Russian for storage, trading or accumulating VLCCs.

SUMED and Suez Canal grant customers using the VLCC lightering system maximum flexibility and full accessibility at a reasonable cost which ensures customer satisfaction. Users may unload part of their crude at Ain Sukhna and cross Suez Canal partially laden then proceed to Sidi Kreir to reload the discharged cargo.

Stock Transfer of crude oil while in SUMED’s custody can be made smoothly among Shippers pursuant to their requests, offering them a trading tool.

In case Shipper’s stock of a certain type of crude oil in SUMED’s custody is less than his Sidi Kerir tanker size, SUMED provides the Topping option at Sidi Kerir to help Shippers avoid dead freight.

In case a Shipper stock of a certain type of crude oil type in SUMED’s custody is small and ceased to be delivered, SUMED provides the Crude Oil Exchange option to clear such a lagging stock.

In order to facilitate financial procedures (upon Shipper’s request), SUMED accepts to issue Undertaking to banks designated by the Shipper.

In line with environment protection policy and pursuant to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, SUMED provides the services of collecting garbage onboard tankers.

SUMED introduced the Lightering/Backload Combination service (LBC). VLCCs can now lighter their cargo at Ain Sukhna to cross the Suez Canal then proceed to Sidi Kerir to discharge the balance remaining on board. The whole volume will be then loaded from Sidi Kerir in smaller vessel sizes as per Shippers' request. SUMED applies preferable and economical rates thus reducing the cost and avoiding the risk of offshore transshipment. For storage purposes and to avoid freight and crude oil prices fluctuations.

SUMED is the sole inlet to MIDOR Refinery as well as other refineries in the Alexandria Area via the established connection to the domestic PPC pipelines network.

SUMED has dedicated one of its SBM’s, retrofitted 2 of its storage tanks, as well as built a Truck Loading Facility in its Ain Sukhna Terminal to receive, store and handle Gasoil and Fuel Oil for distribution in the domestic market on behalf of EGPC.


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