Sidi kerir Terminal

Sidi Kerir terminal consists of 30 floating roof storage tanks of 3.3 million cubic meters total capacity:
- 15 tanks of 103,000 cubic meters each.
- 15 tanks of 117,000 cubic meters each.
The crude oil loading system comprises of five pumping stations, each pump station consists of 3 pump units and is designated to one group of tanks. The loading system is designed to simultaneously load four crude oil grades on five vessels at maximum flow rates. Five turbine meter banks and dual automatic sampler systems are downstream of the pumping stations for the custody transfer measurement . Crude is delivered to the tankers via six SBMs capable of accommodating tankers of up to 400,000 dead weight tons :
- 1 buoy up to 400,000 dead weight tons.
- 2 buoys up to 350,000 dead weight tons.
- 3 buoys up to 150,000 dead weight tons.



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