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ASPH-Marine Terminal
The marine terminal Comprises of a 3 Km jetty figuring three berths:
⦁ One FSRU/LNG berth at 15 m water depth to accommodate FSRU vessels up to 170,000 m3 and LNGC up to 216,000 m3 for natural gas import and dispatching to national grid.
⦁ Two Combined Product berths (P.B-1 and P.B-2) at 19 m water depth to accommodate LPG carriers in the range 5000 m3 to 82,000 m3 and products tankers in the range 15,000 DWT to 160,000 DWT.
The marine terminal facility includes all necessary marine furniture such as Fenders, Quick Release Hooks (QRH), bollards, Gangway Tower at each berth, berthing aid system as well as Navigation aid system.
ASPH-Tank farm and Marine Topside Facilities
Products are received on carriers accommodated on jetty Product Berth-2 via marine topside facilities including loading arms, pigging facilities, pipes and pipe rack on the jetty connected to the onshore tank farm.
The Onshore Tank Farm Facility comprises of 9 main storage tanks with a total capacity of 295,000m3 dedicated for products storage, blending and dispatching to national grid or re-exporting to the jetty using dedicated pumping stations.
Tank farm further includes necessary utilities such as firefighting systems, electrical substations, hot oil heating system, bilge and Oily water treatment, sewage treatment and potable water system.
The plant is operated through an integrated control and safety system (ICSS) acting as a centralized control and monitoring system that includes a Distributed Control system (DCS), Emergency Shutdown system (ESD), Fire and Gas system (FGS), Machine Monitoring system (MMS) and all field instrumentation required to ensure safe and smooth operation of the plant.
ASPH-LPG Handling facilities
LPG handling facilities includes the marine topsides installed on Jetty product berth-1 such as loading arms and pipeline connecting to onshore 2x500m3 buffer tanks furtherly connected to a Pumping station dedicated to dispatch LPG to the national grid.
LPG utilities includes required Firefighting facilities, Fire & Gas detection and extinguishing system, Electrical power substation and Control system.


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